I’ve heard many times that most all of us remember where we were when we heard about the terrible events that happened on 9/11, nineteen years ago. It was a particularly tragic day as I was attending the funeral of my cousin’s young son. Since we were in the church, we didn’t know what the priest was referring to when he said “and please pray for those in New York City.” After leaving the service to go to the cemetery, I tried calling my office. I kept getting an “all circuits are busy” recording which I thought was odd. I finally got through and, it wasn’t until my coworker came on the phone, that I learned what was happening. She was clearly shaken and said everyone was watching the news on a TV there. They still didn’t know if the plane that went down in PA was related to the two that hit the World Trade Center or the one at the Pentagon. After hanging up, we turned on the radio and listened to the news while driving to the cemetery. I was shaking by the time we arrived.