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More Sourdough and...Bruce Willis?

Hey y'all

UE here- some would say AE, but I consider myself the ULTRA EGO not the alter ego.

I find myself reading the sourdough blog and these thoughts come to mind.

I read a recipe blog and she writes all these warm fuzzy things that I read and wonder "who thinks like that?" And then I read the sourdough blog and I think there's another one! At this point if you haven't read the sourdough blog you need to go back and read it before you continue with this view of an alternative, albeit parallel, universe/perspective/personality. 

First of all I've never seen the movie movie Armageddon so if someone could let me know what that thing with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler was I'd appreciate it.

Second of all an alternative to the everyday list:

  • Stay home

  • Don't shower

  •  Why wash your hands you're the only one there it's not like you're going to catch something!

  • drinking water has its own issues

  •  I agree with read write and watch something that makes you laugh AND watch not or.  You've got plenty of time to do all three!

  • Join a book club. Even if it's virtual!

  • Wash your hands if you see something on them you don't want on your face

  Third, and final:  What does this have to do with sourdough starter?

And here is the response from the original poster (names are bleeped out to protect the innocent):

I have questions - how come I got the email with A***'s reply, but not the original email from J***...Or, uh - UE, as she is now known.

Second question - are you saying you're surprised that *I* can write warm fuzzy things?? REALLY???

You are not supposed to mention the scene with Bruce & Liv, J***!! Google it!! (he's the dad, she's the daughter, he's going to be stranded/killed on the asteroid when he blows it up to save the world, they say goodbye to each other dammit I am literally tearing up as I type that)

OBVIOUSLY you didn't read the blog closely or you would have gotten the connection with sourdough starter... Hmmmm

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