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Reopening for Curbside June 10

We are four days away from being able to begin to reopen!!! Here’s a bit more A LOT MORE information and instructions on what “limited curbside service” means.

First, currently, we aren’t allowed to let anyone but staff into the library. (We are sad about that, too) But we do completely understand the need to continue to do our part to keep the community safe and healthy – so, curbside it is!

There will be a table on the sidewalk in front of the library. If you have books you borrowed before the library had to close, you can place these on the table anytime the library is open. If there is a staff person or another patron at the table when you get there, please wait until you can assure 6’ of distance before exiting your car.

If you have books that you requested from inter-library loan that arrived at the library *before* the libraries closed, they will be available to pick up starting Wednesday, June 10. One of our library staff will be calling patrons to let them know they have books. If you have some books/media that are ready for pick up, you can do that at your convenience by either calling ahead to let us know you’re coming, or calling from the parking lot when you get to the library. Someone will bring them out, put them on the table, and wave to you from a distance. You can then get them once the staff person is back in the building (or 6’ away from the table).

Confusing, right? But wait, there’s more!!

Due to the fact that not all MVLS libraries are able to reopen at the same time (due to varying factors such as library size, not actually having “curb” space or a safe parking lot, or NYS regulations on reopening) inter-library loan service will not be resuming immediately.

If there is a book you’ve been dying to read, a book you need for some research, or you’re just yearning for something new to read, and it’s in our collection at Fort Hunter, great! Go online and order it, and you’ll be able to pick it up from us. (Also, if you have an MVLS library card but typically go to Amsterdam, Frothingham, Fort Plain, etc – but the book you want is in our collection, feel free to order it online and come pick it up!)

If it’s not in our collection, but is available at another library in the MVLS system (which is also open for curbside service), you can go directly to that library and pick it up. Obviously, that isn’t always going to be convenient or even possible for some people, but we did want you to know that option is available.

How do you know which libraries might actually have it in their collection? Here’s how you find out! First, always feel free to call us at 518-829-7248 and ask – we’re happy to help! If you want to search and see what’s out there, have internet at home (or in the parking lot!) and order your books through the web-site: - you can follow these steps:

Type in the title of the book: for this example, I decided I need a book on how to make sourdough bread…of course. I found one called “Baking Sourdough Bread”. I click on “Availability” on the upper right (below),

and get a pop-up window that tells me it’s available in Glens Falls and Schenectady (below).

Let’s say I happen to be going to Schenectady anyway, so I’ll choose that library to pick it up from. The last step is to make sure I choose Schenectady as my pick up location when I check out! (below)

If you want to do a search by title and author, choose Fort Hunter Library Library (not All Libraries) first before you add the title and/or author.

I hope this helps, but even more, I hope that you stay safe and healthy. As always, wash your hands and read a good book.

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