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Sourdough Starter For Life

Hello friends – how is everyone doing? I know that question is usually seen as just an obligatory beginning to a lot of conversations, and the “expected” response is a quick “fine, thanks – and you?” before moving on to other topics (or just moving on, in general).

In this instance, however, I’d genuinely like to know. How are *you* holding up? Are things getting a little better, have you hit your stride, getting used to working from home and having conference calls while a dog barks, or home-schooling with one hand, working with the other, and still somehow managing to make dinner (or #supportinglocal by getting take-out)? Or is it really starting to weigh on you, and things are feeling a little more frayed around the edges, tempers are shorter, laundry is piled up and dinner is cereal. (Personally, I LOVE cereal for dinner. I’m just never sure which wine pairs the best with my corn flakes.)

My best guess is that the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle – some days are pretty okay, and some days are pretty not okay. I work from home full-time already, so in that regard, this is my normal. But since literally nothing else is the same, I’m still confused on a regular basis. Is today Monday? Or Friday? How can it *still* be April?? Why is it snowing? Is this Groundhog’s Day?

Also, I’m one of those people that can cry over literally anything (don’t get me started on Hallmark commercials!! Or that scene in the movie Armegeddon between Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler when they’re…when he says…when she…I can’t even type it – DON’T EVEN MENTION THAT SCENE if you don’t want me to spontaneously sob). As you can imagine, my hair-trigger tear ducts are on overdrive these days.

Because of all of this, and courtesy of the internet and social media, here are some ideas I’d like to offer as ways that we can maybe buffer the abrasive thoughts a little, be a little gentler with ourselves, and maybe avoid any sob-fests in the produce section of the grocery store when there’s only one good avocado left, and *you* really really want it, but is it selfish to take the last one? Maybe someone else needs it more? Why couldn’t there at least be TWO good avocados?? (sorry, workers and customers of Price Chopper – I swear I didn’t get any tears on the produce)

Every day, make sure you:

  • Shower

  • Take your medications

  • Wash your hands

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Read, write or watch something that makes you laugh

  • Wash your hands

  • Eat a fruit or a vegetable

  • Wash your hands

  • If the news stresses you out, LIMIT the amount you watch it. Pick a time of day when you think you can “handle” it, and spend 30 minutes to get any new and important updates, and then TURN IT OFF

  • Wash your hands

  • Read a book (make sure you check out our “even littler” little free library on the sidewalk outside of our library building, or check overdrive for e-books)

  • Tend to something living: check on a friend, a relative, an elderly neighbor. Water a plant. Grow a garden. If all else fails, start making some sourdough bread starter – apparently you have to feed that sucker every day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THAT BEFORE I STARTED? (oops, sorry)

Thank you for being patrons of our library. I HOPE you’re doing okay. Please, if you’re not, reach out to someone who can help. Or write to us at We have at least three people monitoring that email all the time and will get back to you right away!

As soon as it’s safe for everyone, we will re-open and welcome you all back – (probably not with hugs, it might be a while before I’m ready to start hugging again, but with a big smile and a gentle elbow bump, for sure).

Stay safe. Be well.

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