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Summer Reads Revisited

At the end of June we had a blog post about some book possibilities for the summer. I’m into the second one so far and here’s an update:

Seven Lies (Elizabeth Kay)

I thought the book started out a little slow but then I got pulled in. It is a spine-chilling tale of obsession disguised as “friendship”. I wonder about authors who write about these things though – did they experience something similar? Or worse, do they have these feelings too? Maybe they just have good imaginations. I was very glad to read in the acknowledgement section, though, that the author has a husband who is still very much alive.

I think there might be a second book or a series coming perhaps? There are a few things that were left hanging. Some of the characters that were introduced didn’t wrap up nicely at the end and the main character didn't get what was coming to her. I actually thought she was let off the hook pretty easily. But – maybe there’s hope for justice if another book is in the offing.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in psychology. It may have you questioning some of those “really good friends” you have though.

How To Bury Your Brother (Lindsey Rogers Cook)

I’m into this one with both feet! What a surprise that this is the author’s debut novel – she certainly has a gift. It’s difficult just writing a little blog so authoring a book that so completely captures interest on the first try is pretty amazing.

So far, the book has it all – intrigue, death, past family issues, infidelity, a cute dog. No sociopaths yet but, who knows what might happen. It certainly is a page turner! You’ll just have to wait another week or so to get it from our library 😊

Not on the original list but an addition – The Boy From The Woods (Harlan Coben)

This is my Audible monthly listen and I can’t put it down (figuratively speaking). I find myself making up excuses to take a car ride so I can listen to another chapter. I may even have to put on the headset and mow the lawn a few more times this weekend so I can find out what happens.

Coben always tells an interesting story so I figured I was making a good choice with my $14.95/mo credit. I’m not disappointed either. This book has a nice twist with the central character being the “boy from the woods” – who has grown into an interesting man. I love the grandmother too – she tells it like it is and seems pretty fearless.

Another Audible (free with subscription – so not really free…) listen is Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World (Scott McCormick)

I downloaded this book because I could – for “free”. I didn’t have high hopes but what a surprise! It tells about different friendships that went sour throughout the years. All are historical figures and it is put together in such a way to provide a LOT of facts in a funny and interesting way. I learned quite a bit while laughing at the way the author throws in his own commentary. If you have an Audible account, I definitely recommend downloading this one!

We’d love to hear what books you’ve been reading and what you liked (or not) about them. Leave us a comment on FB and, as always, Happy Reading!

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