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To All The Front Line Heroes

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The Fort Hunter Free Library is ending National Library Week with a shout out to all the heroes out there doing their best to keep us going during this difficult time. Whether you're a healthcare worker, grocery store worker, delivery person, truck driver or worker doing any of the many other jobs that are essential, we thank you for all you do every day.

Just before the pandemic set in and our lives dramatically changed, the FHFL book club read "One Second After". This is an apocalyptic story about what the country becomes after an electromagnetic pulse shuts everything down. Unlike our current shut down, there was no electricity, there were only a few old vehicles that could run, drugs and clean water quickly ran out and the USA came to a complete halt. I compare this story to our current situation and realize how much worse things could be. We can still go to the store and, yes, there was a run on toilet paper but - for the most part - we are able to get what we need to survive. We still have working vehicles (mine is currently getting 3 weeks to the gallon), we have electricity and there's food in the grocery stores. I don't want to minimize the disruption - it's been a huge change, a very sad time for many and an economic disaster for our country. But, after reading that book, I am grateful it is not to the extent of what happened in the book and I'm thankful for everyone who is working to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

We continue to hope that our little library will be open again soon. We miss seeing everyone and want to get back to our regular schedule. But, we also want to be safe and want you to be safe. We'll keep monitoring how things are opening back up around the area and you'll be the first to know when we're back in business! In the meantime, our even littler library out front is open so stop by and pick up a book. Leave us a note and let us know how you're doing!

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