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keygen but what it does is put an exe in you system folder and then deletes the exe file xtriz: Maybe try -> then see -> Can't believe I didn't realize this sooner: What has made you think that chmod doesn't modify the permissions of a file if you have the correct permissions for a directory? TJ-, can you provide a link? Bashing-om, i have been trying that already for 3 days. Nothing works. i will look into it Bashing-om, not sure what you mean by "Modify the permissions of a file if you have the correct permissions for a directory"? xtriz: When I do not have the permissions for a file I expect a different output from "ls -l" from that expected. xtriz: ahh yeah.. I did not read what you had said.. was a bit distracted.. Bashing-om: chmod does modify file permissions, I'm pretty sure that the easiest way to prove that chmod does modify file permissions is to add a u+x flag to a directory and check if the owner still has that permission after chmod. netameta: "sudo mkdir /mnt/log" netameta: "mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/log -t ext4 -o rw,user,auto,exec" netameta: "echo '1' > /mnt/log/test" Bashing-om, wait let me write the complete story. netameta: "sudo chown root:root /mnt/log/test" Jordan_U: That is a good thought.. I have not tried it.. wait a bit and I might give it a go. Bashing-om, i have a non-booting partition of 6GB and i have another partition of 7GB




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Ufc 2 Licence Key Pc yevwhal

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