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Libby will soon introduce the following enhancements to how users discover and enjoy magazines:

  • One tap to read: When a user discovers a magazine anywhere in the app, they can open it and start reading with one tap, generating a checkout for your library.

  • Streamlined access: Instead of appearing alongside ebook and audiobook loans, magazines will be moved to a new dedicated section of the Shelf summary, called the Magazine Rack. From the Magazine Rack, users will see the latest issue of their magazine subscriptions and any other issues they choose to keep. This will help users find their favorite magazines in one convenient place.
    Note: To save space on a user’s device, magazines are not automatically downloaded for offline use. Instead, users can manually choose which issues to download.

  • Easier subscriptions: Users can subscribe to magazines via a new, convenient Subscribe option from magazine search results and title details pages. When a new issue is released, it will automatically be added to the user’s Magazine Rack and generate a checkout for your library.

  • Improved discovery: From their Magazine Rack, users can navigate to the Newsstand, a new view of a user’s recently opened issues and other popular magazine titles in your collection.

Watch this brief video for a visual overview of one-tap magazines. These updates will be released in the coming weeks, and we will follow up once live.

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