Beverly Osborne (President) - Besides her love of books, Bev brings some deeply repressed organizational skills and a desire to help the library grow. She is currently in her fourth year as President and previously served as the Secretary of the Board.


Bev can’t remember a time when she wasn’t reading and didn’t love books and learning, so it seemed a natural progression when she joined the Board of Trustees for Fort Hunter Free Library in 2012. She often jokes that her personal motto is “Read, Eat, and Sleep”.


Particularly due to living in a rural community like the Town of Florida, Bev believes that promoting literacy, education, and the value of libraries is essential for the community. She wants the library to be a place where people know they are always welcome, and can get assistance in more areas than just books!


Susan Summerfield (Vice-President) - Sue has been a member of the Board for over twenty years.  She currently serves as the Vice-President and has served as Secretary in the past. 


Sue has been a math teacher for many years and brings her passion for children to the library board.  She has been greatly involved in the children’s programming for the library.  In the past, Sue has helped organize the summer reading program, has implemented family game night, and has been instrumental in revitalizing the pre-school story hour.


As a lifelong resident of the Town of Glen, Sue’s fondest memories growing up have been visiting the bookmobile with her mom.  She feels that libraries are the heart of every community and she strives for continued growth of the Fort Hunter Library.  “One of my goals as a trustee is to continue strengthening our programming, whether it be for children, teens, or adults” says Sue.   She concludes, “It has been an honor and pleasure working with all of the various board members over the past twenty years.  Because of the dedication of our board the Fort Hunter Library has overcome many obstacles and has seen a great deal of growth.” 

Beth Osborne (Secretary) - 

Kara Travis  (Treasurer) - A lifelong bookworm, Kara has always rooted herself to her community by exploring and supporting the local library.  Whether it's serving as a board member, helping to raise money, or volunteering at used bookstores and circulation desks, Kara feels libraries are the heart of small-town life and a hub for encouraging literacy and socialization for all ages.  One of Kara's favorite memories growing up in Lake Placid, NY was going to the library after school to do homework overlooking scenic Mirror Lake.  As Kara entered college, she connected with Literacy Volunteers, mainly tutoring adults in English As A Second Language and training other tutors.


Kara and her husband are relatively new residents of the Town of Florida.  She loves spending time on her porch with a good book, watching her Labradors swim in their pond.  The rest of the week, Kara serves as President/CEO of Mountain Valley Hospice, a not-for-profit that serves Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, and Hamilton counties and also has a private, 8-bed hospice home in Gloversville.

Ava Douglass – Ava has been on the Board since 2015.  She worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Broome-Tioga ARC (ACHIEVE) in Binghamton until she retired in 2010.  Upon returning to Town of Florida that same year, she was thrilled to discover that the Fort Hunter Free Library was only a little over a mile from her house.  As someone who always felt at home in a library, this was a very pleasant surprise!


In addition to its rural location,   Ava loves the Library for its small and intimate nature even though access to the entire MVLS collection is available.  She would like to see the Library become more visible, offering the community learning opportunities possibly through a monthly lecture series.  She also enjoys the more “physical” events such as Line Dancing which allows individuals to come out and meet new friends in addition to getting some fun exercise.  Ava would like to expand the Library’s services,  make the Children’s Summer Reading Program a premier activity for kids in the area, increase the number of individuals coming in and increase visibility within our rural area.  She would like to make the Library the “go-to” place for research, learning, socialization and recreational activities.


Barbara Lampkin – Barb has been on the Board since approximately 1968 when the Library was located in the old Fort Hunter School.  She is the immediate Past President and has served in all other officer roles over the years.


Barb works at Mohawk Valley Orthopedics part time and is a seamstress by trade.   She has seen the library grow from a very small library to what it is now.  Barb feels that anything that we can do to expand the library and increase the services that we offer, is high on her priority list and she is willing to work with the board to make things happen.  She is happy to see that the Library is offering more hours, especially on Saturday.  She feels we have a great board, all of whom are working for the good of the organization.  She is also pleased to see that we have been successful in starting up the children's story hour a couple times a month again.


Sue Nacco – Sue has been a member of the board since 2015.  She retired from the State of New York in 2012 and now spends time taking care of her grandchildren. 


Sue feels it is very important for children to be good readers and always encouraged her own children to read, even during their summer vacation.  She would take them to the Library when it was located in Fort Hunter as she wanted to instill the love of reading on them at an early age.


Sue appreciates being a part of the Library board as she is able to give back to the community by volunteering her time there.  She would like to see the Library continue to grow its community participation and become more visible.  Sue was instrumental in bringing the first Line Dancing event to the Library and given its success, she was able to reach many new individuals, introducing them to the Fort Hunter Free Library in a unique and fun way.