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School's Out for Summer!

Reprinted from the Daily Star:

Alice Cooper sang, “School’s out for summer.”

And if we had to guess, most students are celebrating.

This is their time to get away from the daily information input school provides.

While we expect kids to take a break from studies, we hope they don’t take a break from learning.

Studies have proven that over summer vacation children lose some of what they learned the previous year. At least one study says an average of one month’s school learning is lost. Known as the summer slide, the learning loss is why review at the beginning of the year is so important.

Many groups and organizations work to keep kids sharp throughout the summer.

The largest is the annual New York state summer reading program.

The state Education Department and New York State Library are partnering with 1,100 public libraries and neighborhood branches for the free, annual program.

“It’s so important for children to continue learning during the summer and our summer reading program helps them stay engaged and prevent the summer slide,” said State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. “Whether it’s print books, e-books or audio books, there’s something for everyone to read and enjoy at their local library. I encourage children and families to visit their local library and register for a summertime of free reading, learning and fun.”

We do too.

This year’s Summer Reading Program slogan is “A Universe of Stories.” Many local libraries are participating.

“Summer reading is essential for students to retain the academic skills learned in the previous school year, to avoid the ‘summer slide,’ and to find joy in books and texts,” said state Sen. Shelley B. Mayer, chair of the Education Committee. “I am pleased to support NYSL and NYSED’s Summer Reading Program to help our students thrive in school year after year. In so many of our towns and cities, our public libraries are community hubs for residents of all ages and one of my top priorities is to ensure libraries have the necessary resources to offer the programs their communities need. The Summer Reading Program brings children and families to our local libraries to read books and explore ideas that shape and expand young minds.”

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