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Our charter states that we serve all of the Town of Florida and parts of the Town of Mohawk.  The library was named the Fort Hunter Free Library when it was founded on June 23, 1927.  Its original location was in The Community Hall on West Church Street in Fort Hunter. The library moved to the old Fort Hunter School and then to the Fort Hunter Fire Department in September 1984.  The library stayed there until 2011 when the Fire Department wanted to expand and renovate their building.  Fortunately, there was space in the old Town of Florida Town Hall which was also being renovated.  We have been happily located there since 2011. 




Our library is the smallest library in the Mohawk Valley Library System both in footprint and in budget.  We operate very frugally on a budget of less than $60,000 per year.  We receive support from the Town of Florida, the Fonda/Fultonville Central School and the Greater Amsterdam School District.  The remainder of our funding is made up of special events, grants and private donations.






The Fort Hunter Free Library is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of community minded individuals who share a love of the library and an interest in keeping this small gem operating in our rural area.


Board of Trustees


Beverly Osborne - President

Ava Douglass - Vice President

Kara Travis - Treasurer

Beth Osborne - Secretary

Stacey DeLaney

Linda Dufel

Glenda Eager

Sue Nacco

Lynn Otto

Barbara Lampkin - Trustee Emeritus



Judi Steiger, Director

Letah Graff, Special Events Coordinator/Librarian

Tina Shave, Librarian

Lynn Tryon, Library Assistant

Jess Hogan, Library Assistant


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