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10 Most Awesome Librarians in Pop Culture

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Librarians are usually thought of as quiet, bookish types. If there's any pushback on this image in the public mind, it's the aggressive shusher of noisy children. However, this doesn't do justice to what librarians do. Librarians are information scientists, researchers, teachers, crusaders. Also, book nerds, but that's not the story's end! A Master's in Library Science is what makes someone a librarian. As Doctor Who's Alice Obiefune was fond of reminding The Doctor, without the MLS you're a library assistant.

These guys, though? These guys get it. These are librarians as adventurers, fighters, crusaders, weirdos. The people who assist heroes, chronicle truths, and otherwise improve the world. Next time you check out a book, understand that the brilliant mind on the counter's other side could be...

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