Rocky Mountain High

We are staying home or closer to home with the virus lurking about and this summer's vacations might be quite different because of it. Since I won't be going anywhere too far either, I decided to relive one of my most memorable vacations. It was the Great Cross Country Trip of 1966 taken by our family of 6.   I believe it gave me a love of camping, a distaste for being cooped up in the car for longer than 3 hours and an appreciation of the fortitude of my parents. My Dad was 37 and Mom was 35 at the time.  My brother Mick was 15, Steve was 2 and Jon hadn’t turned 1 yet. I was a gangly 12 year old. Car seats were not yet required so Steve was usually standing up in the front or back and Jon was in a portable crib on the floor. It's a wonder we all survived. Dad had bought a new pop-up camper (a Nimrod by the way) and a new car (a Chevy Malibu – teal green with a white interior).  Just think, for a minut